22 branded IG posts (Includes the link to Canva) + A free checklist (Beginners) guide to Instagram routine for creatives. See FREEBIE here!

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These social media pack will help you to communicate in a visually consistent way to get more attention and gain more customers.

-Build up anticipation for an upcoming launch or event of your business with countdown launch templates
– Boost your engagement by starting a conversation with popular alerts, quotes, checklist, and challenges.
– Promote your latest products and new collections
– Get more readers to your blog by sharing knowledge with easy steps by step and graph templates.

Fully customizable to your brand, Instagram quotes, notifications, educational posts, list templates, charts, infographics, event graphics, and more…

The work has been done for you, now it’s time to post!
Here’s how:

Click Add to Cart> Download Pdf after purchase> clink that takes you to Canva> Make a Copy> use for free in Canva!

Requirements: none
This pack includes templates designed for use with Canva, the best free online image editing software. No additional software is required!

The images used in the templates are to give an idea of how to use the templates. Use your own photos. I do not own the rights to all of the photos and videos used in the templates.

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