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Email Marketing: Let it do the Work

Does Marketing strategy have to be expensive? Not necessarily. Thanks to Email Marketing, it’s possible to invest $1 with a $49 possible return! No kidding. Like any other marketing strategy, in order to prime your success, you will also have to spend on prep time for your email marketing to take off. For the email marketing to do the work, keep a golden rule in mind: It’s not about you, or your company, it’s about your customers. It nurtures an existing relationship and if you keep that in mind, your readers will not only wait for the next email but get excited to hear more about it.

This blog prepares you to take ownership of email marketing. The following suggestions should help you out to get started:

  • Build that Database
  • Make it Personal
  • Refine your Pitch
  • Use the Best Tools

Build that Database

It all starts with an email list of the qualified leads who will sure need your emails. How do you get this list? From your website, Facebook group (if you have). Before transitioning to email marketing, make sure you have built up a traffic to your website with a convincing opt-in to capture the visitor’s email addresses. In your Facebook group for business, before they request to join, you can add a question to ask for an email address. People now are careful in giving out confidential information so might as well just ask for first name and email ID. The easiest route to collect email addresses is through data scraping.  However you do it, just make sure you got the list.

Make it Personal

Imagine sending a message to your best friend. It’s important to address your customers by their first name when sending the email. A good example is Amazon, instead of saying “Hey there”, their email says “Dear John”. A study conducted by Experian shows that a personalized email has 6x open rate than the generic ones. Most of the brands are not into personalizing their emails, this means you have a greater chance to stand out. Just make an extra effort to gain more than what is expected.

Refine your Pitch

Plan your emails and that includes the subject line, content, follow ups and CTA (Call to Action). Putting in the recipient’s name in the subject line has higher open rates of about 18% compared to without the recipient’s name. Another convincing subject line are those that trigger fear of missing out like: “Uh-oh, your subscription is expiring”, curiosity like “Don’t open this email.” Funny subject lines are also powerful like “Look what you did, you little jerk” or Vanity like “Revamp your style this 2020.” Follow up emails can also make your recipient feel more important. Take for example Asana, they send emails 4x a week asking their customers how their experience is, if there’s anything they need or soliciting for suggestions to improve their tool.

Use the Best Tools

Lastly, choose technology tools wisely to run your email campaign. Consider the following features when deciding what to use:

  • User friend campaign creation, automation, with templates and workflows.
  • Able to integrate with other softwares
  • Can segment your audience and generate the analytics


Email marketing has proven results and is very affordable compared to other campaigns. However, it has evolved and shooting those emails to anyone is not just how you do it. There are essential factors to consider like the target audience, content, and tools. There’s also a need to test if in case it doesn’t work for you, strategize and explore more. Trends change so quickly, what could work 6 months ago or a year ago may no longer be effective so keep the line open.

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