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Yes, it can work. With the right strategies and a little tweak.
Cold calling has taken a setback for a few years since digital marketing started. It’s equally terrifying yet exciting but worth the try. What do you have to lose anyway? And think about what you will gain.

Think of it as a sport that you are about to master. At first, it will be difficult, sounds daunting, but you must go through the process if you want to succeed. In this blog, we give you 6 necessary tips and tricks of cold calling to accelerate your sales growth.

The 6 necessary suggested tips are:
1. Be Client-Centered
2. Research & Plan
3. Face Rejection
4. Use a Script but Outscript it
5. Set a Goal and Evaluate
6. Wear that Confidence all the time

1. Be Client-Centered

In cold calling, it’s always about the Clients. Not you nor the company so avoid talking much about your background or you will likely be at the loose end. Clients are in the center stage during the call. Talk to them as if you’ve known them their whole life by asking “how have you been”? instead of “how are you”? Then, listen to what they have to say, just listen and give your 100% attention. Wait until they mention the highlight of their weekend, or a day at work and jump right on it to build strong rapport. This way, you start getting their trust and their ears too to listen to what you have to say.

2. Research & Plan
Who & when to call? These are the questions you need to answer before picking up that phone and dial. Research who to call to deliver that call with a value because it has a personal touch. Check your prospect’s background (hobby, profession) and bring it up during the call to make them feel important. Additionally, the time of day on when to make the call. Like social media algorithms, being aware of days and hours to make calls can make a difference. From Yesware’s analysis of over 25,000 sales calls, the best time to make sales call is afternoons on weekdays. Morning rush is known to professionals going to an office, students going to school or stay-at-home parents attending to their kids or husband/wife. According to Peak Sales Recruiting, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best days to make sales calls. Monday and Friday could be worst. Also included in research and planning is planning and drafting on the key points of what you have to say, questions to ask, opening and closing spiels.

3. Face Rejection
Let rejection motivate you. Majority may not want to hear your pitch but don’t let it get in the way. Pause for a while and evaluate your technique. Use rejection to your advantage, refine your style, observe how others do it and imitate or do better. As a cold caller, there will be a lot of rejections, but you’ll get used to dealing with it and search for more effective tactics. Stay positive, make your prospect feel that they are free to choose and embrace it.

4. Use a Script but Out script it
It’s always better to be ready than sorry. Be prepared in cold calling with your 30-second script, however, use it as a guide throughout the call to help you communicate confidently but not to read it in verbatim. Imagine you are in a Hollywood movie studying a script, but you execute it in a convincing act without sounding scripted. That way, you convey the message to your audience wholeheartedly. A script is your baseline to move your deal down the sales funnel, just remember to take it one notch above to out script it.

5. Set a Goal and Evaluate
Set your monthly quota in making a cold call. Create a worksheet to monitor or you can copy this worksheet from Your goal serves as your guide to determine your success and pinpoint where and how you can improve. Start with a financial goal then sales goal. For instance, you want to achieve earnings of $80,000 at the end of the year, determine an actionable activity to achieve it. Do you have to make 400 calls and convert at least 30%? Calculate your number of prospects, outline strategy and hit that goal. Don’t forget to make it S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Realistic, & Timely).

6. Wear that Confidence all the time
Whatever happens, just be CONFIDENT. It’s normal to feel jittery before making the call, do it anyway. Familiarize yourself with your written script, review what you have researched about the prospect client, and get ready with that probing question. Every call will be a learning experience, some will and some won’t, but so what, just say “Next”. Start with a positive mindset, remember your goals, you may use essential oil or look at your loved ones’ photos.

Cold calling never goes out of style, it was swept under the rug in the past years, but many successful salespersons gained from it. Barriers like rejection, being hanged up on, questions should be taken as an opportunity to improve your attack. It is scary to start with but with the right preparation, clear goals in mind, success is just at your fingertips.

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